Rent a party room in the heart of Vienna

Birthday party in our party cellar

Anyone who starts googling “rent a party room (in) Vienna” will quickly find what they are looking for, from paid advertisements from a brokerage site or a hotel to an article on the subject, but with the last update in 2016… we live in Vienna, there are places that haven’t existed for a long time, man, but then you would like to celebrate your birthday in an existing party room in Vienna… Ok, but there are also good contributions, you just have to admit that, so we have them let’s take a look at what’s offered wholesale and of course we’re concentrating on our advantages over the competition. For the sake of clarity, we have created a list for you here: As I said, we are so fair and admit that there are other good party locations in Vienna, but also many advantages that make our location look “best”:

own bar

Of course, there is a separate bar where we can also conjure up drink specials that are tailored to your party guests after consultation with you.

geburtstagsfeier wien partyraum partykeller
Lounge with 22 seats


You have the option of having the music play on our central system in the bar or on your own DJ in the party room. As we are pursuing a musical concept, it is unfortunately not possible to bring your own DJ or play your own playlists. The style of music as such can be agreed with us. Of course we will try to accommodate your music requests. If you want a DJ, you can clarify this with us in advance. Depending on the time and the DJ, there are usually extra costs from €150 upwards.

cocktail bar

Our bar menu includes a wide range of cocktails with fresh ingredients. Our gin selection leaves nothing to be desired. Whiskey and rum lovers don't miss out either at the Beste.

guest garden

Our guest garden is located in the middle of the Spittelberg and provides a pure holiday feeling with palm trees and great cocktails

In the heart of Vienna

Directly on the Spittelberg, like a small old town in the middle of Vienna. Only a few meters from the U3 station Volkstheater in the most exciting district of Vienna.

Rent by floor

Whether with or without an extra lounge with comfortable seats on the mezzanine is up to you. Our lounge offers seating for up to 22 people.

Lounge with 22 seats

No room rental

We do not charge rent, but a minimum consumption of € 1000. The minimum consumption applies to food and drinks and must be guaranteed on the evening of the event. If the lounge is also rented, the minimum consumption increases to € 2200.


Since we do not charge room rent, there is of course a minimum consumption to cover our additional costs for additional staff etc. The minimum consumption is € 1000. The minimum consumption applies to both drinks and food. The minimum consumption must be reached by all guests, so don’t worry you don’t have to pay for it yourself. From 30 to 40 people this is usually not a problem.

Yes of course you can. We believe that every good birthday party needs a cake. You are welcome to cool the cake with us or bring it by the day before in the frozen state. Crockery and cutlery is plentiful. We ask for your understanding that we charge a fee of € 20 for plates, cutlery and service.

Usually not. Unless something like confetti cannons or something similar is planned. This must be agreed with us beforehand and a cleaning fee of € 30 also applies here.
YES. We will be on site from 4 p.m., earlier if necessary. You are welcome to decorate as long as nothing is screwed tight or the inventory is damaged in the process.
If you want to take snacks like Soletti or chips with you, that’s no problem. Warm dishes or buffets in the form of rolls or the like are unfortunately not possible as we serve food ourselves and also offer our own catering.
Once you have made your decision, all you have to do is send us an email to or contact us on +43 660 861 52 38. If the date is still available, we will reserve your desired date in our party cellar. We require a deposit of € 200 to fix the date. Since our party room is usually reserved well in advance, this is necessary. The deposit can be paid in cash or by bank transfer and you will get it back on the evening of your celebration either as a voucher for drinks or in cash, just as you like. The deposit serves only as security for us. Unfortunately, there have been reservations in the past that just didn’t show up.

The advantages of celebrating your birthday in your own party location

The bar is located in the middle of Vienna in the beautiful 7th district and therefore has the best public connections; So you don’t have to go somewhere to Grinzing or Döbling like in many other locations or just outside the car2go business area, for example, you don’t have to afford an Uber or a taxi or draw one who draws the card and mimics the driver.
Speaking of Grinzing or Döbling; It’s really nice there in the Heurigen areas, with all the cute little alleys and the cobblestone pavement between the small one-story houses… oh oops, the same feeling comes up in you when you walk down the Spittelberg through the closet aisle. Yes, here you already have the feeling on the way to your party room that you are in your own little old town.
And that brings us to the next point in our impressive list of advantages of this party location. The beautiful guest garden in front of the restaurant is also hip and because this part of the 7th district is also a catchment area for tourists, the garden may not only be open until 11 p.m. but even until midnight! Yes, these tourists not only bring long lines and stingy tips to the city, but sometimes also advantages for the local gastronomy.
In terms of gastronomy, you are also “well served” here; the list of different cocktails here is at least as long as the selection of flowers in the old B+B market, ranging from “I know, always use” to “wow, never heard of it, I’ll just try it” – the full program , because not only the selection of different types of gin is huge here! And if you also want to spoil your party people with culinary delights, the team is at your side with epicurean catering or simpler bar food.

The guests can walk up and down as they like, because the restaurant extends over three floors, of which the two lower ones can be rented. Once again for everyone: the party room can be rented over two (!) levels, that’s right! Because in addition to the actual center of the party on the bottom floor with a dance floor, bar and the full sound boom, you also have the option of renting a level above it, which hangs above the party crowd in the form of a lounge area for around 20 people; also makes sense, because there is always someone who gives up, or the girls really want to chat and not only in the toilet…. And so that you don’t miss anything, you can always look down over the parapet.

Moscow Mule Cocktail
Cosmopolitan Cocktail
Cocktail Kamasutra

So far we have already worked our way in from the outside, such as the location of the party location – i.e., close to the center, good connections, nice hipster corner – via the guest garden in front of it, where the best drinks are mixed by good bartenders, and once we’re inside, it’s okay Now let’s get down to business: The Mukke, as the East Germans say, or MUGGE – stands for “Musical Opportunity Business”! In fact, the term has its own history, if you are interested, you should not miss this article! But back to the musical accompaniment of your birthday party (or graduation, or divorce, etc.) in the middle of Vienna: Here, too, everything is open to you ; almost everything, to be honest, because there isn’t a record deck, but honestly – most of your party guests won’t notice the difference. You have the option of choosing one of our playlists or with a minimum consumption of € 1200 the DJ will be there. The style of music varies according to your wishes, but please understand that we are pursuing a musical concept. In short, Andreas Gablier and DJ Bobo are not on the playlist

Nothing is left open at this party cellar with attached restaurant in the heart of Vienna

In summary, it can be said that in the best for your party, no matter what the occasion, you have your own bar with all the bells and whistles, your own party room without renting it with a music system and light effects, as well as your own bar; optionally also a second floor – so you have your own professional area… but if – God forbid – not enough people show up, then the top floor is still busy in a really cool bar and there you will surely find the/ one or the other chica/o willing to party – that would actually be the 7th in the list of our good arguments for the “best”

All the trappings, such as the location in the middle of the 7th district, offers an enormous amount of possibilities both before and after; For example, if you want to eat somewhere else beforehand, no wish remains unfulfilled, whether organic or vegan, Asian or Austrian or the organic burgers from the burger makers opposite. And even after that, there is the best starting point for a club around the corner, another nightcap, or simply to get home with a smooth connection.

Due to the rent-free party location, there is also no financial risk, the only risk that can perhaps be found here is if one of the girls on the stiletto heel gets stuck in the cobblestones of the delightful closet alley on the way home….