Partyraum mieten im Herzen von Wien

Geburtstagsfeier in unserem Partykeller

Everyone who tries to google “rent a party room (in) Vienna” will quickly find what he is looking for, from paid advertisements of a mediation site or a hotel to an article about the topic, but with the last virtualization in 2016… we live in Vienna, there are pubs that have not existed for a long time, Man, but you’d like to celebrate your birthday in an existing party room in Vienna… Ok, but there are also excellent contributions, you have to admit that, so we’ve looked at what’s on offer and of course focused on our advantages over our competitors. For the sake of better clarity we have created a list for you here: As I said, we are so fair and admit that there are also other good party locations in Vienna, but too many advantages that make our location look “best”:

  • For rent by the floor

    Whether with or without an extra lounge with comfortable seats on the mezzanine, that’s up to you.

  • In the heart of Vienna

    Directly at the Spittelberg, like a small old town in the middle of Vienna. Only a few meters from the U3 Station Volkstheater in the most exciting district of Vienna.

  • Guest garden

    Our guest garden is located in the middle of the Spittelberg and provides with palm trees and great cocktails for a pure vacation feeling.

  • Cocktail bar

    Our bar menu includes a large selection of cocktails with fresh ingredients. Our gin selection leaves nothing to be desired. Also, Whisky and Rum lovers do not come too briefly in the best.

  • Music & DJ

    You could bring your DJ or run a playlist. We can also take care of the DJ after arrangement.

  • Own bar

    There is, of course, our own bar where we can also conjure up drink specials tailored to your party guests after consultation with you.

  • No rent

    We don’t charge rent! Just come and have fun.

  • Music system

    Our party cellar has a sound system with its mixing desk and scanner for lighting technology. It can be played with CDs, USB sticks or laptops.

The advantages of celebrating your birthday at your party location are as follows

  • The bar is located in the middle of Vienna in the beautiful 7th district and thus has the best public connections; therefore, one does not have to go somewhere to Grinzing or Döbling or even outside the, for example, car2go business area, one does not have to afford a taxi or a raffle that draws the …card and meets the driver.
  • Apropos Grinzing or Döbling; it is beautiful there in the Heurigen areas, with all the sweet little alleyways and the cobblestone pavement between the small one-story houses… oh oops, the same feeling comes up when he walks down the Spittelberg through the Schrankasse. Yes, on the way to your party room you already have the belief that you are in your little old town.
  • And that brings us to the next point of our considerable list of advantages of this party location. The hip is also the beautiful guest garden in front of the restaurant and as this part of the 7th district is also a catchment area for tourists, the garden may not only be open until 23:00 but even until 24:00! Yes, these tourists do not only bring long queues and cheap tips into the city but sometimes also advantages for the local gastro.
  • The list of different cocktails here is at least as long as the selection of flowers in the old B+B market, which ranges from “I know, always take” to “wow, never heard of, just give it a try” – the full programme, because not only the selection of different gins is enormous here, and if you also want to spoil your party people with culinary delights, the team is there to assist you with gourmet catering or more uncomplicated bar food.
  • Up and down the guests can also go as they like, because the restaurant stretches over three floors, of which the two lower floors can be rented. Once again for everyone: the party room can be rented over two(!) levels, exactly! Apart from that there is the actual center of the party on the lowest floor with dance floor, bar and the full sound boom you have the possibility to rent a level above it, which hangs in the form of a lounge area for about 20 people above the party crowd; also makes sense, because there is always someone tired, or the girls like to chat and not only at the toilet…. And so that you don’t miss anything, you can still look down over the balustrade.
  • So far we have worked our way in from the outside, like the location of the party location – that is, close to the center, good connections, beautiful hipster corner – via the guest garden in front of it, where good barkeepers mix the best drinks, and if we are already inside, we are now getting down to business: The Mukke, as the East German says, or also MUGGE – stands for “Musical Opportunity Business”! But back to the musical accompaniment of your birthday party (or graduation, or divorce etc.) in the middle of Vienna: Everything is open to you here, too; almost everything, to be honest, there are no record decks, but let’s be honest – most of your party guests won’t notice the difference. You’ll have plenty of choices because there’s a mixer for USB and CD, or even the whole laptop and your DJ can use it. There’s always the one friend who loves to be responsible for good transitions with headphones on his ear! You can also hire a DJ or talk to the best guys, and they’ll organize one for you, but of course it will cost you something to check in advance. If you’re less fussy, bring your playlist with you, and it will run up and down.

At this party cellar with an attached restaurant in the heart of Vienna, nothing remains open.

In summary, it can be said that you have your party room with all the Pipapo equipment, your own party room without rent with music system and lighting effects, as well as your own bar, which is perfect for your party, no matter what the occasion; optionally also a second floor – so you have your private, professional area… but if – God forbid – not enough people show up, then there is still a really cool bar on the top floor and there you will surely find one or the other Chica/o party-willing – that would be the 7th floor. In the list of our good arguments for the “best”

The whole surrounding area, such as the location in the middle of the 7th district, offers a vast amount of possibilities both before and after the event; for example, if you want to eat somewhere else before the event, no wish remains unfulfilled, whether organic or vegan, Asian or Austrian or the organic burgers of the burger makers opposite. And even after that, the best starting position for a club around the corner, another nightcap, or to come home with a smooth connection.

Due to the rent-free party location, there is no financial risk; the only chance that might be found here is if one of the girls gets stuck in the cobblestone pavement of the delightful Schrankgasse. On her way home with the Pfennig heel…